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My wish is for you to have an amazing, empowering birth experience, and I believe that you can. It’s unfortunate that many people think birth is simply a certain way, and that’s that; as if one of the most powerful, incredible, natural things you can do with your body should be cast aside as something you just have to get through. Like running a marathon, traveling the world or creating a piece of art; it’s not the medal, the stamps in your passport, or the canvas on the other side that you’re most proud of. It’s the training and work that changes you, leaves its mark and builds the strength, confidence and power that is already within you. Unfortunately, a large part of our society portrays birth a certain way and there are lots of reasons why it does, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I’m so thankful I found Hypnobirthing in my first pregnancy. Reflecting back, it feels like it was a secret club you only knew about if you had a friend that did it. Now, especially lately, it’s spent some time in the spotlight; and thankfully, more people know about the incredible benefits. I imagine that’s why you’re here.

We’re exposed to so much information in our lives, but how much of that is genuinely valuable, meaningful and even true? Let me show you how you can achieve a more comfortable, calm and empowered birth experience. The physiology of an undisturbed birth is truly amazing. Having an incredible birth experience is not just a fairy tale; and the more you understand how your hormones and body work, the more it begins to make sense.

I work to empower you (and your birthing partner if you have one) to be confident, informed and in control of your birth (that you feel a part of every decision made). This has a huge impact on how you experience your birth. Birth is not always straight forward, and it’s priceless to feel empowered in any birth situation. I’ll teach you about the power of your body and mind, making informed choices, and tapping into your body’s natural mechanisms to have a more comfortable birth. We’ll look at human physiology and evidence, real stories and experiences. Each birth follows its own journey, but you are writing the story. Whatever journey your birth takes, hypnobirthing will be there to help you stay relaxed and confident. And then let’s celebrate your beautiful birth story, however it goes, because it’s yours.

A little about me…

Sometimes following our hearts leads us to unexpected places, and when we look back, it all makes sense. I studied human biology in sunny San Diego, California and received by BSc from UCSD. Sure of grad school, but undecided as to what to study, I took my love of yoga one step further and became a teacher in 2011. I met my husband and moved to London before grad school materialised and two Hypnobirthed babies later, (both natural and comfortable, and one pain free), I’m now a KGHypnobirthing instructor as well as a yoga teacher. I’m passionate about sharing what helped me have the most amazing and empowering experiences of my life.

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