About KGHypnobirthing

What is KGHypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing strikes a different chord for everyone that hears the word. Usually people hear that it’s amazing from someone who experienced it, but still they’re unsure of what it is when they reach out to me. KGHypnobirthing is a complete antenatal training programme. It’s quite simple and makes a lot of sense, which only makes it that much more profound. It takes account of the natural physiology of birth and the way your mind and body work, to affect your experience of birth. Learning first about these things, we look at how you can help your body birth more comfortably and what may interfere with that. Then we take the time to discuss the choices you may come across so you feel confident and empowered in every chapter of your pregnancy, birth story and beyond. My passion is to not just teach you the practices (which are designed to be simple and straightforward), but to answer all of your questions and explain WHY it works. We cannot reap the full benefits of something we don’t completely understand, and therefore, your skeptism (if you have any) is welcome. My hope is, as more people experience hypnobirthing and tell their friends and family, we can shift the way society treats birth. Not every birth is straightforward, but Hypnobirthing can help every woman have a more comfortable and relaxed birth.

When should I take the course?

It’s never too early to begin, but I would recommend booking a course from your 20th week of pregnancy. Whenever you take the course, you’ll find it helpful, but the more time you have to practice the better!

What kind of things can I expect?

We’ll begin by learning about how the mind and body work together (a look at how the mind affects the body and the physiology of a pregnant woman including the uterus, anatomy, hormones and how they all interact). Then we’ll look more practically at how we can affect the mind and body through deep relaxations, visualisations, and breathwork, and also in the “opposite” direction by thinking about postitions in pregnancy and birth and other physical practices such as perineal massage. We then talk about what you can expect, and the importance of being informed and being a part of the decisions made about you and your baby’s care-including the birth partner’s role in this. To end, we’ll discuss birth proposals, early and active labour and the practices you’ll use in each stage, the partner’s role…more of the big day things!

Do I need to bring anything?

You don’t need to bring anything! Dress comfortably. You might prefer to have your own notebook and pen, though you’ll be provided with a set of notes you can write on, and there will be pens available. Tea, water, and snacks will be provided-do tell me if you have any dietary restrictions.

Should I bring my partner?

I recommend bringing your birth partner (whoever is supporting you and/or will be in the room with you on the day) if you have one. You are welcome to take the course on your own as well.